Open Back Pendant Frame

 I really like to create embellishments that make you think that imagery is suspended in glass.  Here is a new pendant featuring some love birds and flowers.
 It started out as something from my junk drawer.  Somewhere in my travels I came across this bezel frame and thought I might like to put a cameo into the open setting.
 Instead I covered the back of the pendant with tape.  This is the open back bezel technique which I have featured on the blog already.
 With the tape in place I poured a tiny amount or Envirotex Lite resin into the bezel.  When it cured (in this case I did wait a full 48 hours so that the resin was super hard) I was able to remove the tape at the back and work on the new clear bezel surface.
 Here is what I embedded in a final pour of resin.
Another great new pendant!

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