Measuring and BRRRRR - The Resin is Cold!

I have been answering a few questions by email that I think would be best answered here on the blog as a special post.  Are you having trouble with your resin not curing properly?  A few people have told me that they did not have success when they tried a resin product.  Disappointing results and perhaps the ruination of a piece of art or jewelery would make you think resin is not for you.
I can't stress enough that proper measuring is the key to success!
Eyeballing the measuring like you can with cooking, will not work.
Envirotex Lite is a 1 to 1 system.  You need equal amounts of both the hardener and the resin for curing to occur properly.  This is science friends.
So, how do you always measure perfectly?
On our main Environmental Technology Inc. website cups are shown in the accessories section and they are properly called Graduated Mixing Cups.   Where else can you get measuring cups?  Friends have received a stash from their doctor or dentists.  Pharmacists sometimes have extras or you can purchase them at the drug store.  You need them when you are taking a liquid medicine so it makes sense that you would find them there.  If you are like me and need a lot, you can go to a medical supply centre and purchase a case and I have purchased many on Ebay.  Hope this helps!
Is your resin cold?  Sometimes I forget that my pieces take a lot longer to cure when the air conditioning is on.  Now, I am not going to turn off the air conditioning.  But I do have a tip.  My studio is cool since I am downstairs.  I mix my resin and pour it into my projects in the evening before I go to bed.  By morning, my pieces can be easily moved.  They are not cured!  Just hardened.  I take them and place them in an upstairs sunny window and occasionally I even set them on a table outside.  This makes a huge difference during the air conditioning season!

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