The Grandfather Clock Mold - Part Two

 My grandfather clock piece has now been renamed "Time Flies."
 Yesterday I brought you to the point where my molded clock was re-coloured.
 I wanted to add the some sort of wing so I used Apoxie Sculpt as my attachment glue.
 These pieces are now permanently attached.
 I also wanted to add the words "Time flies."  I printed this and then glued it to the clock interior.  Brass birds were also glued into place.
 I did protect the paper with three coats of Ultra Seal.
 A filled the opening with Envirotex Lite and let it cure for 24 hours.  It still needs to cure for another 24 hours but I wanted to take this picture!
I also filled this shallow area with Envirotex Lite so it would look like a glass door.
I can't wait to design my necklace next!

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