The Grandfather Clock Mold - Part One

 I made a new mold this week with EasyMold from Environmental Technology Inc.
 I found this miniature grandfather clock at an antique market a few weeks ago.  I wanted to incorporate it into something wearable....but it is too heavy and a little too thick.
 So I made a mold and I then I made up a batch of Envirotex Lite.  I wanted my clock to be brown too, so added the Opaque Brown Pigment to my mixed batch of resin.
 My molded piece is much thinner.  Now I can use it as something wearable!
 I sanded all the edges. 
 Then I pulled out my collection of Gilders Paste.  This is a very simple but beautiful way to colour my molded piece.
As you can see there is an opening that I need to use.  
Tomorrow I'll show you part two!

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