Monday, July 4, 2011

Faux Filigree

 Faux Filigree?  I think I just made that entire concept up.
Why is there a picture of a crocheted doily here you wonder?  What am I up to now?
I have had a few emails about crochet and saving it in resin.  I wanted to also show you a really fantastic technique that will have you going through your Mom's drawers looking for anything crocheted.  Here is a small section I cut from the doily you see above.  The doily is really stained, so if I don't do something with it it might end up n the trash.  I save pieces like this from the dump all the time.
 This is the section now covered in Envirotex Lite.  I soaked it (unprotected) by using a foam brush dipped in Envirotex Lite and let is cure on a non stick surface.  Note that it is a little darker now.  I don't mind this because I usually colour it a second time.
 How do I colour it? You can spray paint it, use regular paints or my new favorite: I use Gilders Paste.
Here is my crochet cutting. It will be drying for 12 more hours since I applied Gilders Paste.  Doesn't that look amazing?  It is a lot less expensive than buying a piece of brass filigree!  Tomorrow I will show you what to do next!


  1. OMGosh, how cool. I had no idea where you were going with this. It really does look like fancy brass filigree.

  2. A mazing! Looking forwrd to seeing where you go with this Carmi.
    Where did you get the guilder's paste. have never heard of this. Pam B

  3. Carmi, I love, love, love it. This would be a great background to put a piece of polymer clay on. I bet the Goodwill Stores are going to be crowded when your readers see this.
    I wonder if my husband will notice that all the doilies are missing off our tables? :0)

  4. Gilders Paste is new to me too...I always used metallic rub ons before this:

  5. Carmi, that is totally freaking BRILLIANT!!! I have never never never thought to do this.

  6. This is amazing! I've only used Gilders Paste for metal--now I'm eager to try it on other things.

  7. I have an idea to paint my coffee table, layer it with doilies, and coat the whole thing in resin. My question is, how should I seal the doilies? They are white and I don't want them to just turn translucent in the resin. Do you think that soaking them in a bucket of watered down mod podge would be sufficient? or would I need to work full strength mod-podge into the fibers? I would then squeeze it out and use that as the adhesive as well. I have searched the internet for advice, but have been unable to find anything. I'm hoping you can help me. Thanks!!

  8. Hi Jana, I would not feel comfortable answering this question because I have not made a large scale piece. The ETI customer service group is really helpful and I would call them to ask.

  9. I'll give that a try, thanks.


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