Friday, June 17, 2011

Special Thank You From Resin Crafts Blog

This has been a very busy and exciting week for our new blog.  With an awesome giveaway and special links from a group of talented crafters we saw a jump in "friends" and a huge number of "likes" on Facebook.
Thank you!  I could not be happier!
My in box was so busy that I am hoping I did not miss any special messages or greetings.  If you are waiting to hear back from me about a question or suggestion, you might want to send a second email now that things are a little quieter.  Our email is
The big $200 give-a-way continues for a few more days.  If you have not entered, please do!
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Done, done and done! Keeping my fingers crossed! Have a great weekend Carmi! :)

  2. Been there! Actually, my highest was 980 emails..Took me a week but I finally sorted through it and try not to let it go over 100 (most days!). Loving your site so far!


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