The Resin Week - Part Two

 Yesterday I showed you the bezel project I started working on.  I am using a Klimpt painting for this series and the colour palette is very light.
 I bought these vintage dried flower postcards at an antique market in Paris.  They remind me of the Edelweiss postcards we have from family in Austria.  I think they might even be edelweiss, but when I compared them to the dried flowers I have they looked a little different.
I carefully removed the flowers from the card backing.  The glue is so old now that I can peel the flowers off slowly.  Dried flowers in resin look beautiful.  These flowers are very "furry" almost like felt so I knew I would see them darken a little under resin.  I glued them in my bezels and covered them in Pod Podge several times.
Here are my bezels with Envirotex Lite poured in.  I did not pour the resin right to the brim.  I am going to let this pour cure and do one final "doming pour."  These already look fantastic!

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