Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Resin Over-Pour

 My bezel project on the weekend was jinxed.  That's why I had a post yesterday showing you "stains" and now I can show you the "over-pour."  Luckily, I have tips to help you avoid or fix these situations!  
This bezel had some stain on the green paper.  It was my fault for not protecting the paper properly.  So I covered those stains with some glitter!  Then I had to just pour a little more Envirotex Lite over the whole surface.  I poured a little too much and as you can see it pooled off the bezel.  In the past I would have moved my bezel away from the over-pour.  Now I just let it set overnight.
In 8-10 hours your resin feels solid, but it is not 100% cured for 48 hours.  At this point you can literally peel the excess away or use a scissor to cut it away.  Then you let the bezel cure like usual.  I threw away so many pieces until I discovered this super simple fix!


  1. Oh my Gosh, this fixes alot for me. thank you so much for your continued messups, in order to teach others like me.

  2. So at about 8 hrs you can cut away the mess? Do you need to use a teflon scissors. Can the scissors be used again, or will the resin ruin them?

  3. Hi Terri. I don't have a single pair of good scissors. I just buy whatever is on sale. The resin at the 8 hour mark is quite soft. It cuts really easy and to date, has not left residue on scissors like glue does.

  4. Hello!
    I am so happy to have found your blog! I am new to the Resin world and have tried to make some jewelry pendants. First I tried East Cast, but the finished product scratched easy. Next I tried ET Lite, and I love the way it feels and looks, but I'm having a problem. It has cured for 3 days and feels hard, but if I press my fingernail on it, it leaves a scratch. Is this normal? Or have I done something wrong? Thank you so much! Carol

  5. Hi Carol, when cured it should not allow any dents or scratches. My first question is are you measuring and mixing with cups that show exact measurements? If the 1 to 1 ratio isn't perfect it will not cure perfect. If you are, the next question is are you in a cool space? When the air conditioning is on my pieces take longer to cure so I put them in a sunny window to help.

  6. Hi Carmi,

    I did not measure in cups with measurements built in....I measured with a ruler and then added. Maybe that is my problem. Any hints as to where to buy the measuring cups? Also, I live in the southwest and it's very warm here, but I do have ac going into my room. Should I close it off?

    Thank you for your help! Appreciate it! :)

  7. any tips for over pouring on a double-sided bezel? i had one side poured and it domed perfectly. many days later, i flipped and poured the other side. resin ran over the edge and is now stuck to the other side.

  8. Is there any way to just cut it away? I find the resin will almost peel away from metal. If the bezel is $ it is worth saving. If resin cured on resin in a way you don't like, sand it away and do a glaze coat to repair it. Here are some sanding won't believe how effective this is.


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