The Resin Over-Pour

 My bezel project on the weekend was jinxed.  That's why I had a post yesterday showing you "stains" and now I can show you the "over-pour."  Luckily, I have tips to help you avoid or fix these situations!  
This bezel had some stain on the green paper.  It was my fault for not protecting the paper properly.  So I covered those stains with some glitter!  Then I had to just pour a little more Envirotex Lite over the whole surface.  I poured a little too much and as you can see it pooled off the bezel.  In the past I would have moved my bezel away from the over-pour.  Now I just let it set overnight.
In 8-10 hours your resin feels solid, but it is not 100% cured for 48 hours.  At this point you can literally peel the excess away or use a scissor to cut it away.  Then you let the bezel cure like usual.  I threw away so many pieces until I discovered this super simple fix!