Envirotex Lite Mold Meets Envirotex Lite Pour

 I have a very unique new molded bezel to share with you today!
A few weeks ago I had a blog post showing you how easy it is to make a mold.  I also showed you how easy it is to change the look of clear Envirotex Lite in a post on colouring resin.
 I made this hot pink bezel from my own mold.
 I used some metallic rub ons to add some colours to this piece.  Then I added the paper image to the opening (bezel.)
 I protected the paper with three coats of Ultra Seal.  Then I poured in some Envirotex Lite (uncoloured) after adding a few embellishments.
 I was pretty thrilled with my results.  The top brooch is the original that I made a mold of.
 I could have left this as is.  Perhaps I could have added a pin back to keep it as a brooch.
 I went outside to photograph it with my assistant.
And then I thought why not show you one more thing?  I have been getting emails asking me how to turn resin embellishments into finished jewelery.  That is a huge question and I don't think I could answer it in any one blog post.  But I can show you some ideas.  Envirotex Lite, when cured is a wonderful substance to drill through.  I use a hand drill and it only takes a few minutes to have a beautiful and clean hole to work with.
Then it is just a matter of deciding what attachments to work with!

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