Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend Workshops With Resin

This weekend I taught two fun resin workshops at the Mixed Minded event in Kitchener, Ontario.  This first group of pictures is from a class I teach called:  Resin – Liquid Glass, How to work with Bezels and Other Apertures.  The second class is called:  Resin as a Glaze. Better than Glue or Varnish.  The pictures below are from the Glaze class.
So many amazing pieces of art were created in the workshops.  I am so happy with how it was organized and how lovely all my students were!


  1. wow looks amazing!!! wish I was there!!!
    Julie xx

  2. Wow looks so amazing !!
    Stunning creative work,so lovely.The workshop looked so inviting.

  3. Both of Carmi's classes were fabulous ~ she is a wonderful instructor, and her creations blew us away! If you get the opportunity to take a class with her, I would highly recommend it!! Astounding what you can do with this stuff!

  4. I had the time of my life in Carmi's classes. She is a wonderful teacher. I will always think of her as the Resin Queen.
    I am on a new journey with my art thanks to Carmi!
    Pam Barnes

  5. there are no accidents in life...meeting you and taking your classes...resin jewelry and the felting beading were so inspiring. i am so eager to start making more.

    you are such an inspiration and i will, indeed, read your blog and when we chat...i will be up to date...i promise you..

    and i will take a day to complete a blog and add new techniques i've discovered and share what is happening in mixed media in the usa.

    know that catherine moore will love the paris journal as much as i do...


    lana kloch

  6. Carmi, I was looking forward to these 2 work shops and they far exceeded my expectations. You are a very patient teacher and a fountain of information. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and expertise with us. I agree with Pam, you are the Resin Queen!

    Beverly Anger


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