Resin Protected Paint Palette

This paint palette has been calling to me.  
I love how the paint looks dried and cracked.  You can just imagine the artist grabbing their brush, dipping it in water and then dabbing it into the colour they needed.  
In order to display the palette I decided to protect everything in a layer of Envirotex Lite resin.
 You might be thinking that the paint will run or dissolve.  It doesn't.  I poured resin into all the reservoirs.  It is magic!
 I also poured resin to embed the paint brush permanently into it's slot.
Since I wanted this palette for a special project I was working on, I opted to place this image of lavender and poppies into the lid.  I poured a thin layer of resin into the lid area.  Before the resin cured I added in some enamel flowers.  The resin is holding these in place permanently now too.
 The flowers really make my piece special! 
This is the board I am working on.  A little salute to Provence.  My paint palette is the perfect special embellishment.  Art and Provence.

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