Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Resin Artisan: Christine Robinson

A few weeks ago I came across this amazing necklace in Beadstyle magazine.  I was mesmerized by the beads and had a feeling that Christine was a fellow user of Envirotex Lite.  I could not track her down on the world wide web and the lovely folks at the magazine passed on her email address to me.
I found more samples of her work on Beadstyle's website.  I was so intrigued by Christine's original comment in the magazine, that she used chewing gum molds, that I was really hoping she would respond to my email.  Happily I got a return message.
"In real life I am a college professor but my avocation is resin art and making jewelry with all kinds of found and re purposed objects like my chewing gum molds for casting resin beads."
"I love to cast resin in my collection of ice cube trays and then to make unique necklaces with the beads.  I make a variety of types of jewelry so I have attached some pics."

So I needed to know.  Where does one get a chewing gum mold?  I even looked on-line before tracking Christine down.

 This is what Christine sent me:
"Eat the gum and when the wrapper is empty, push the colored foil down, fill each reservoir with resin, place colored (candy) papers on the backside while the resin is setting up.  Cut to shape and attach to a wire for the neck.  That's how I made the necklace for Beadstyle.  Of course, I created the focal bead separately."
Isn't that amazing!  I invented my own awards program and I am making Christine my first recipient!  Gum wrapper molds are pure genius!  Thank you so much for sharing your brilliant idea with Resin Crafts and for confirming you use Envirotex Lite!


  1. That is the coolest.... thank you so much! I am really getting excited...about this!
    Thanks Carmi, Simply delicious!

  2. Wow! That IS genius! My grand-kids are going to love it too, now they get to eat more gum :)

  3. Seriously?!! She uses a gum wrapper for a mold? And includes the foil paper? That is beyond brilliant!

  4. Please, how does she attach these interesting beads to the wire?
    How many other 'molds' do we have around the house? I'll never look at little plastic throw away stuff the same again.....

  5. BRILLIANT.........Do the beads have holes for the wire........and how do you make the holes?

  6. When you make a bead with resin you can use a dremel with a tiny bit attachment to drill a hole through it or a manual hand drill. It goes very quick!


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