Spotting Resin Craft In Stores

This jewelery store in Paris had several resin craft items I was dying to take pictures of.  They really frown on frustrates me since I just want to share with my blogging community all that I see.  There are a lot of resin artisans in Paris. 
This mirror was 195 Euros.  That was a really great price for something encrusted with so many molded shapes and resin pieces.  It would have fit in my luggage but I was already concerned about weight restrictions.  It has inspired me to do something really great in the future with molds.  Stay tuned for that!
The chair in the corner was over the top too.  My best friend and partner in crime decided to purchase some jewelery in the store giving me the chance to snap a quick photo.  Thank you!
And look at the Eiffel Tower.  Also resin!  These photos make me want to start mold making right away!

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