The Resin Is Not In The Mail! - Or My First Give-A-Way!

My first give-a-way!

Last week I did my bottle cap tutorials.  Would you like to try making a few your self?

If you do, and promise to mail me a picture of your results, I would be happy to send six readers a kit of Envirotex Lite and a dozen bottle caps!  All you have to do is leave me a comment!  The give-a-way will run for one week.  I’ll draw for the winners next Tuesday April 19.  If you have Envirotex Lite but no bottle-caps, leave that as a message in the blog comment area and maybe I can just get the caps to you!

Did you know that it is illegal to mail resin (two-component epoxy) through the Canadian or USA Postal System? 
I am so glad I checked with my friends at Environmental Technologies Inc!  I am about to launch my first give-a-way and want to do things properly.
Until now, I did not give much thought to mailing resin since I always pick up my Envirotex Lite and matching products at my local Michaels Craft store. Now that I want to have give-a-ways and other events I need to be more aware of how to get my favorite liquids into the hands of artists in many different locations. 
There are two bottles in a two-part epoxy kit (and by kit I am referring to Envirotex Lite.) One bottle is labeled “resin” and the second is labeled “hardener.”  My research tells me that the resin of a two-component epoxy is considered a skin sensitizer and the hardener a corrosive. By law, both components are required to be labeled accordingly and have special shipping requirements. When I reviewed the Canadian and U.S. Postal System, “ Mailing Standards”, I found a whole section pertaining to the legal limits of mailing corrosive products. Whew, glad I checked! The FINES are HUGE and severe if you send these products by mail, especially if you are in business of making and selling resin. 
So I’ll be using the professionals at UPS who have a prompt and inexpensive service for these types of products.
That being said, if you participate with this giveaway, I need your physical address in North America to ship to.  (Sorry, no P.O. Box delivery with UPS.)
Everyday I learn something new about my favorite art medium!  I’ll be a shipping specialist by the time I celebrate the one-year anniversary of this blog.

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