Monday, April 4, 2011

I Have Started!

Today is the day!  Lift off!  I have been counting down the hours until this blog goes live.  Thank you so much for visiting this inaugural post!  If you have a moment, please read my welcome message that is a page link at the top of this blog.  I do want to take a moment or two to explain why I enjoy working with this medium.

Resin is magical.  It turns a plain piece of artwork into something unusual and interesting.

With the addition of a few embellishments you can create a treasured keepsake.

As a glaze it makes the artwork pop but more importantly it makes paper adhere permanently to surfaces like dominoes.

When poured on paper it turns fragile fibers into a more durable flexible surface.

If you have an odd bezel shape it can help turn the object into a finished component.

For jewelery makers it creates gorgeous one of a kind focal points.  (The small dots of paint are glowing beneath the resin. )

If you are a mixed media artist, resin is an amazing liquid that can highlight parts of your work and also glue your found objects permanently into place.

Resin can be poured in layers.  You can create pieces which appear to have floating elements.  

All of these samples were created using my favorite resin; Envirotex Lite a two part epoxy product.  I'll have the opportunity over the next few months to explain what resin is made of and what products can be used with it.  We'll create layering projects and make our own molds!  I'll show you how I use it as a glaze and how I even use it as a glue.  Maybe it will become your art medium of choice too! 
I'll be starting with the basics.  We'll do some fun small projects and I hope that those of you who have been wanting to try resin will join me in my online adventures.  Oh....and there will be give-a-ways and challenges to look forward to.  

Tomorrow I will begin a three part bottle cap tutorial!  
Perhaps you will be making your own by the weekend!


  1. Great beginning - can't wait to keep reading!

  2. Congrats on the new blog. Looking forward to your future posts!

  3. This is exciting! I've purchased a couple kinds of resin, but haven't used either yet... guess it scares me a bit. I'm hoping it's much easier than I think, and am looking forward to following your new blog.

  4. I hope now I can tackle a resin project with confidence! Congratulations on your new blog!


  5. This is an amazing new venture. I can appreciate the work it took to get this up and all this volume of information prepared. Bravo. Will follow with interest.

  6. Would you be able to go over the differences between the different resins? (Ice Resin, Lisa Pavelkas Magic Gloss)and if you can use the UV light interchangeably? This is all very exciting.

  7. You just never stop! Great start.

  8. This looks fascinating - I did some resin bits many years ago with a kit. Looking forward to more projects and ideas.


  9. I love all those recyling projects, such a great idea to glue it on a piece of computer scaps, very awesome and cool!!!!

  10. Hi! I love your projects! Wondering if you could answer a question about resin and paper. When I want to cover paper and it stay flexible, do I seal it first or let the resin soak into the paper? I want to use the paper as a book cover that the book can be changed in. Blessings!

    1. JJ, this is an experiment every time. If you apply resin directly to most paper it will go relatively translucent and you will see the text from the front and the back. Sealing can stop that from happening if this is not the look you want.
      If you brush a quick coating across the surface you will see it will peel off your surface like a thin piece of plastic.


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