Friday, April 8, 2011

Design Contest With Katiedid Components

This is a necklace I made using the new Katiedids components.

 Katie Hacker, the designer of these new creative components announced a contest this week on her blog!

These components are perfect for trying out resin!  I used Envirotex Lite in the channel to hold all the pearls in place and then in the center area to provide the image with a focal point.

Before I poured the resin I threaded a crystal headpin through the pre-drilled holes.  That's why you see a wire sticking straight up.  When everything cured I used my tools to make the wire into a nice dangle.
I really like these components!  There are several sizes and shapes to experiment with.


  1. Lots of creative ideas and techniques here! Thank you for sharing!

  2. wooow so beautiful and in a kind of way kitschy as well.
    awesome, love it!!!!;-D

  3. Your work is great, have brought resin but just a little afraid to try it yet


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