Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bottle Cap Tutorial - Part Three

If you get caught up in the bottle cap making world you might need to start giving them away or even selling them at craft fairs.  There are so many ways to make them wearable!  I thought I would show you a few of my favorites.

These are some of the jewelery making components that I use.  Let me a tell you a little about them.

The top two silver components are called BAILS.  They glue on and with the extended curved top you can see how easy it is to run a necklace or ribbons through the opening.  The bottom two are PIN BACKS.  There are two different types.  The first circular one is a straight forward glue-on pin back.  The second one has both a pin and a bail.  This way you can wear it on a chain or as a brooch.

These little clamps are also a bail component.  I drilled a little hole through the bottle cap and simply opened this silver clamp and then closed it again when it was in place.

Finally, if you know a little bit about wire it is really simple to create your own looped dangle

The little brooches look so pretty on a jacket.  Most people would never know this was a flattened bottle cap.

And finally my specialty!  Art Cards!

Cards are the reason I need bottle cap art!  Didn't these turn out amazing?  I used the same paper for the card body as I did in the actual bottle cap.  Bisous paper!
Now, be careful.  Making bottle caps is very very addictive. I'll show you a few necklaces I made in the upcoming weeks!


  1. Your bottlecaps look wonderful! Thank you for the tutorial and I look forward to more inspiring ways to use resin! Connie :)

  2. Carmi... How exciting 2 have more 2 read from you!!! Yippee!!

  3. They're lovely - I'm looking forward to upcoming projects. Probably worth mentioning that two part resin is toxic and needs ventilation and preferably a respirator to work with - not everyone reading will know that :o)

  4. Hi Faerie-Jeweller,
    I am really glad that Envirotex Lite covers all these issues in their handouts. I also have links to their products which provide additional content information. I'll be doing some special posts about this in the future too. Hard to get everything in the first week!

  5. I can imagine - a new blog is always sort of explody at the start! It's great seeing a dedicated resin blog, I've loved various resin work I've seen in the past and am excited to see the potential for more on a regular basis.

  6. Carmi. I enjoyed the bottle cap tutorial. I love how the bails are attached so a necklace can be made.
    You have so many wonderful ideas.
    Thanks for sharing. Pam Barnes

  7. woooow i didn't know that you could make so much with those kind of bottles caps, love your style, very awesome and pretty and stylish!!! cool as well;-D


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