Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Resin Embellishments on Mixed Media Canvas

Today we are happy to have Gracielle as our guest blogger....
check out her beautiful Mixed Media Canvas!

Resin is quite new to me, but I have had a lot of fun creating resin embellishments. I've also enjoyed making custom molds with items I've found around the house. I thought I'd create a mixed media project to showcase my custom made pieces, so I made a canvas.

I have a complete photo tutorial for you. First, let me show you how I prepared my canvas:


To make my embellishments I followed these basic steps:

I enjoyed creating resin pieces and experimenting with different pigments and elements to add interest to each piece.

I must confess that I absolutely love how the embellishments look on the canvas, and I'm sure this won't be the last time I use resin pieces on my paper crafting/mixed media projects!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Quick and Easy Resin Flowes

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here again working with some wonderful products from ETI. 

The other day, I showed you how to create a personal mold using Easy Mold Silicone Putty.  Today I'd love to show you how I used the molds.

These flowers are the result of adding Easy Cast Clear Casting Epoxy to the flower molds I made.  By mixing equal parts EasyCast Resin and EasyCast Hardener and follwoing the manufacturer's instructions.  Then I poured the mix into the flower molds.  Be sure you are on a level surface and allow to cure for 24 hours   The resulting pieces easily popped out of the molds and the molds can be used over and over. 

The deeper mold in on the left and the shallow mold is on the right.  Now that I have both, I think I actually prefer the shallow mold!

In my haste to see what I could create, I completely forgot to add color to the resin!!  I solved the color issue by "painting" Ann Butler's Iridescents to my molded flowers.  I love the results and the pieces are gorgeous and translucent. 

As you can see, there are some "extra" pieces around the edges of the flowers.  That's because I filled the molds too high and the resin spread.  Next time, I'll add just a little bit less resin.  Now that I had these sparkling pieces, I needed to make something.  Having just picked up some mini wooden spools, I decided to see what I could create.  I first inked the spools with Ann Butler's ColorBox Crafter's Ink in Aquamarine and Lilac.  Then I added the molded flowers on top and placed a little flower in the center.

Wouldn't these look wonderful in a child's dollhouse?

Or, what about making a bunch and just let them sit amongst your craft supplies?

These are such fun products to work with.  I can't wait to play around some more and see what else I can create.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Creating a Silcone Mold Quick and Easy

We are happy to have Steph Ackerman guest blogging for us today!
Steph is going to show how easy it is to create a silicone mold!

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here today working with some wonderful products from ETI.  I have never worked with ETI products before so I was thrilled (and a little anxious) to see what I could do with these products.

I started with Easy Mold Silicone Putty.  This product allows you to create your own molds - any type, any size.  The directions are extensive and very easy to understand. 

So, per the directions I took equal parts of the Component A (white mixture) and Component B (purple mixture) and combined them.   Since there is only about 3 minutes of working time, take only the amount you think you can work with quickly.

Knead the 2 colors together for approximately 1 minute.

Continue to knead until a solid purple color results.  No white should be visible.

Once a nice purple results, roll into a ball.

Flatten slightly.  Press the item you want to mold into the putty and allow it to remain for approximately 25 minutes. 

I used a large metal flower brad and pushed it into the putty. Once it dried, I removed the flower brad and had a perfect mold.   Tip:  Don't let the mold cure on a paper towel because the paper towel sticks to the mold as it sets!!!  The paper towel, however, does not affect the curing process or the final mold.

I didn't think the mold was deep enough so I made another.   On the left is the shallow mold and on the right is the deeper mold.  I can't wait to see the different results.

Think of all the possibilities you can create from found objects such as buttons, keys, flowers and even stamps.  So many options.  Just be sure to have the items you want to mold ready before beginning the molding process.

Allow the mold to cure for approximately 24 hours before using casting products.   I can't wait to create more molds.


Monday, November 17, 2014

Resin Snowman Paperweight

We hare pleased to have Larissa Pittman doing a guest post for us this week...
her project is adorable!

Up until about 2 weeks ago I have never used any kind of resin. I must say being a card maker it was a little scary when I first got the product.

Muffins and Lace jpg3

Not knowing what I would do.   I decided to dive right in and make something. I came up with a grand idea to make a paper weight.

Muffins and Lace jpg4

 I started off with Easy Cast Clear Casting Epoxy and a round mold. I mixed up 4 ounces of product (following manufacturer's instructions). I then poured half into the round mold.

Muffins and Lace jpg6

 While it was sitting a few minutes I made a cute little snowman out of cardstock. I punched circles and hearts and a hat using metal dies and punches. I put it all together with adhesive and added a little glitter.

 I turned it face down and placed it on top of the Epoxy. then covered it with the rest of the Epoxy I had mixed.

Once it was dry 48 hours later I turned the mold upside down and gave it a couple of twist and my finished piece popped out.

I do have to say after this project I love this product. I already have my next project in mind and ready to start.

Hope you enjoyed my post today. Don't forget to keep coming back to the blog to see more ideas andcreations  .

 Have a wonderful day.

 Larissa Pittman
Design Team Coordinator Ann Butler Designs

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wizard of Oz - Framed Resin

We are excited to have Kristi Parker as our guest designer today...
your going to LOVE her project!

I was introduced to Envirotex Resin about 12 years ago and have been a fan obsessed since.  I love the finished look that Resin gives many project.

I decided to make something for myself for no reason other than I wanted to and my ETI infused Mixed Media rip to OZ was born.  I started with my frame, some spray paint,Graphic 45 Paper, Dreamweaver Stencil, Connie Crystal Sheets and A LOT OF RESIN FROM ETI!

Here are some photos of the work in progress:

 Since it is real crystals you can color with alcohol ink and then cover with resin. It will stay sparkling!

 This is the GOOD STUFF!
 Mix even parts and stir for 2 minutes, pour into a second container and stir for 1 minute.
 The finished piece.
 Some closer looks.
 Love the look and the depth of the resin over the flying fence posts.
 The right corner was created by adding  Metallic FX Powders in small amounts with the ETI then layering.  It takes some time but I love the end result.
 Look how nice the crystal is under the resin.
 Next is the floating illusion with layers of ETI!

 The ETI just gives such a great look.

 I also love that it holds my hour glass in place.  No glue required!

ETI is just such an amazing product.  I can't wait to make some more fun projects with resin!