Friday, August 29, 2014

The End of Summer 2014

The submissions for our special Autumn project with Metal Complex have been arriving daily!
The Klik collaboration will be filled with great ideas and inspirations.  I can't wait to start posting these in week!
You can read about the project here.

I am in back to school mode here in my studio.
Clearing out the summer projects and getting ready for a fabulous resin filled fall.

If you are new to our blog, take at peek at our last collaboration.
You'll never wonder what to put in resin again.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Gift For Pregnant Friend - Girl or Boy Resin Filled Bezel

 This is a gift idea I have had for some time.
It required a double-sided bezel, which was not easy to find.  I found this one at Hobby Lobby.  It was so inexpensive and looks handmade.
 My idea was to feature two different scrapbooking stickers to symbolize the unknown.  Will it be a girl or a boy?
The bezels are deep and I worked on one side at a time.  I added a little glitter glue to the edges and after that dried aI simply poured in Jewelry Resin.
I'll be adding a simple silver chain.  Now if the bezel flips while my friend is wearing it, the pendant will look fabulous either way!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Jewelry Grab Bag to Jewelry Box!

 This new EasyCast filled box top is just full of jewelry parts and components.
You might be worrying that I wasted a lot of jewelry and spent a great deal to make this happen.
I didn't!
 Wherever I go I keep my eyes peeled for grab bags.  Most antique markets have vendors with lots of broken jewels stuffed into a bag and inexpensively priced.  These two were only $6 each and because I purchased something else, the vendor gave me the bag I wanted for only$5.
 I opened the bag at home and immediately washed everything.  Anything I can incorporate into ongoing jewelry designs I set aside.  Most of these I knew I would not remake into a new piece of jewelry.
 I selected a wood box and painted the lid hot pink.  These lids already have a lip, so it holds resin with no extra work on my part.  (I bought them in the spring at Target.)
 I glued everything in place.  
Experience has shown that if I do not glue all the items, after I pour in resin, small items float to the surface....and I do not get the glass table top look I am after.
Glue I allow to dry overnight.   You do not want to pour resin over damp or partially dried glue

EasyCast is ideal for these projects.  
It was designed to be poured into molds and this box top is fairly deep.
 My finished Jewelry box top is just gorgeous!
One more fabulous item to add to my studio space.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Coach Purses in Resin

I thinks some of the simple projects turn out the best.

These three Jewelry Resin filled bezels feature Coach purses.

I simply cut three one inch circles from this Coach card.
I could not toss it away.
A little resin sure does make most things look spectacular.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Flower Fairies Wood Slice Ornaments

 These new ornaments are perfect for Autumn decorating or (dare I say it) your Christmas tree.
 They are simple to make if you have rub-ons, some wood branch slices (pre-drilled holes are nice) and Jewelry Resin.
 I brushed several layers of a clear drying decoupage medium over the surface of both sides of my wood slice.  I wanted to protect the wood from any possible stains it would show if it had direct contact with the resin.
 Then I happily selected some of these adorable Flower Fairies.  Good rub-on stick immediately, and these worked perfectly.
 I then brushed the surface with a glaze layer of Jewelry Resin.  One layer of our resin is equal to 50 coats of varnish.  This is a quick way to achieve beautiful results.  
 I allowed my resin to cure for 24 hours and then began to work on the opposite side.
 I "rubbed-on" some words from the Flower Fairies collection.  I had to cut them to fit my circular slices.
 I also added some dots with my paint marker.
 Finally, wherever I could squeeze it in, I applied a butterfly rub-on.
 This side then received a glaze coating of Jewelry Resin.
 My slices were pre-drilled.  I had to open the holes again after the two resin applications.
 I just love how these turned out!
In case you are wondering about the rub-on, it is from a sold-out kit I presented on The Shopping Channel featuring the Crafter's Companion Flower Fairies.  

By the way, if you search "wood slice" in ETSY, you will find some to work on if you do not have access to a branch and saw yourself.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

How to Turn a Domino into a Pendant - Tips

This domino features a simple wire loop.
I have been asked how to make a domino wearable, so this is a quick post showing you how I do it.
 Many of the dominoes I now use in my projects arrive pre-drilled.  If I do come across some old wood dominoes at an antique market or sale I do still take the time to drill a hole through them.  Dominoes are quite thick, so a very thin drill bit will go right through the middle as you can see in this picture.  I have used both a hand drill and a drill press to make my holes.
 Making a domino wearable is easy with a little bit of wire.  In this picture you can see that I have the wire running through my drilled hole and then I pressed both ends flush against the top of the domino.
 I wrapped one of the wires around the other to create these bottom loops.  I cut away the extra wire.  My wire is very soft, so I was able to do this without tools.
 With my round nose pliers I then made an open loop and wrapped my extra wire around the lower loops.

After cutting away the last bit of extra wire I have a nicely finished loop making this pendant easy to wear.