Monday, November 23, 2015

Create a Christmas Ornament Mold with Silicone Putty

As you might know by now, one of my favorite things to do is to make my own molds from EasyMold Silicone Putty!  I am always on the lookout for new things to make molds from and I love this one.

Here's how I started:
I got out my Silicon Putty and this plaster Christmas ornament I found at Michael's.

I noticed that the ornament had a slight flaw so I wanted to fix that before making the mold.

I took a file and filed it down the best I could.

I measured out two equal balls of part A and B

I mixed them together

Until I have a uniform color.

I pressed the ornament into the silicone putty.

After 20 minutes, I removed the ornament.

The mold is perfect!
I need to wait 48 hours before pouring resin into the mold...
so check back next week to see how cool the resin ornaments turn out!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Dollar Store Resin Coasters

While shopping at the Dollar Store one day I came across a package of round coasters that had stickers on them and thought I would try adding a coat of resin on them, since I am always looking for new things to try.

For this project I used EnviroTex Lite:

I measured equal amounts of resin and hardener.

Poured them together,

Then, stirred for 2 minutes.
I then poured the mixture into another cup and stirred for 1 minute.

Since the top of the coaster was a sticker I did not have to decoupage over it, it was ready to go. 
 I taped around the edge of the coaster with painter tape.  I did not go above the edge of the coaster as I just wanted to add a thin layer.  I then placed the coaster on an upside down cup to give it height. 
Then, I started to pour some of the resin mixture on the coaster.

I waited a few minutes and then simply blew on the couple bubbles that rose to the top, to remove them.  Then I let this sit to dry for 12 hours.

This was so quick and easy to do and the RESIN layer on top of the coasters gives it extra shine and durability, so they will last for years to come....I don't know anyone who is going to be 70 anytime soon, but when I do...I have the coasters for the party!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Resin Paper Series #2

Hi all, it is Karen Bearse, back with another installment of my paper series.  Today we are going to examine using resin on glossy surfaces, handmade paper, and another napkin idea.

To see how to mix the resin and best ideas on applying it to the paper check out my 

Here is the first paper we are playing with- magazine paper:

This is a page from Entertainment Weekly advertising the show "Legends" with Sean Bean, (love him little plug-hee hee).  I applied the EasyCast® Resin with a piece of kitchen sponge as in my last post.  Interesting when dried, the resin looks like water spilled on the page and was repelled and beaded quite a bit.  Very cool!  On the backside it is actually fairly smooth.  However for a light weight paper it did not become transparent.

Next up, a photo printed on glossy paper.  I was very surprised that the photo did not bleed or smear at all.  It looks almost like a laminate only there is some texture from the sponge and a few bubbles.  Like the magazine transparency was not affected.  Next time I would use my heat gun just a little to remove bubbles and potentially smooth out the resin.  However I like the look and will try potentially putting more texture in, using a texture tool, when the resin is slightly dry-hum.  For now I would use this is in a project life or mini book and just punch holes adding the photo with no page protector.  The resin protects the photo quite nicely. 

  Here is a tag with acrylic paint on top.  This had surprisingly a bit of the same effect with the resin being repelled in places, but not beading just some empty spaces.  It does add lovely shine and texture.  If I wanted to cover the tag completely I could just spread a second coat.

Next up a playing card.  Yup you guessed it with the glossy surface the resin reacts like the magazine page.  Beading and leaving a cool texture. 

I switched gears with my next paper and covered a hand made paper with gold metallic. The resin/paper is quite transparent and the feel of the paper is roughly textured.  Very cool, I see using this with die cuts or as paper in a mini. 

Interestingly, the resin process did change the color of the paper from bright blue to a beautiful teal color.  The metallic remained almost identical to the original but as the base color is darker the metallic pops more. 

 Lastly, I went back to the napkins.  I left the napkin layers intact and applied a heavier layer of resin.  This is great & creates a strong plastic like page.  The lines in the napkin were left intact which I had hoped the resin would smooth things out.  I want to figure out how to get rid of the lines.  Can you iron paper napkins?

Now I have a nice folder full of fun resin/papers that I will be playing with.  Take some time this week to play with EasyCast® Resin!!!!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Glittered Resin Coaster

I have been making a lot of coasters and trying out different molds to make them in the past few months.  I think I have found my favorite so far, is the...

Here is how easy it is to use:

Measure out equal amounts of the EasyCast® hardener and resin.

Mix them together.

Stir for two minutes. 
 Then pour back into the first cup and stir for another minute.

Stir in some ultra fine glitter in the color of your choice.
Be sure to spray the mold with ETI Mold Release

Pour the resin mixture into the mold.  
For this step you will have to determine how thick you want your coaster to be.
I poured about 1/4" thick.

You can easily blow the bubbles away as they rise to the top or
use a lighter to remove them.  Let set to dry 12 - 24 hours.

I popped the coaster out of the mold and
I love how it turned out...

I see lots of experimenting in the future with this mold...

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Glittered Resin Paper Weight

I loved the Resin Paper Weight Mark James created a couple months ago, that I wanted to give it a try with some glitter added

I gathered some glass marbles, a coaster mold, and EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy.

I measured out equal amounts of  the EasyCast Resin and Hardener

I mixed them together for 2 minutes, then poured them into a new cup and mixed for another minute.

I sprayed the inside of the mold with Castin Craft Mold Release.

I added some Iridescent Ultra Fine Glitter.

I filled the mold half way with the resin mixture.

I decided to only add green marbles and I places them into the bottom and along the sides of the mold, then I put it aside for 12 hours.
I then mixed more EasyCast, this time adding a couple drops of translucent...

and I added a bit more glitter...

and poured the resin mixture into the mold.
I let this dry for 24 hours and removed it from the mold.

I love how the paper weight turned out!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Simple Resin Box

I am constantly looking for items with recessed areas that will hold resin.  I found this simple wooden box for a few dollars at Michael's and thought I would give it a try.  

The recessed area was embossed and only about 1/8 deep, but I thought it would look beautiful painted....

I started out by painting the entire box with Bronze Iridescents.

Then I highlighted the embossed area with Sheer Gold Iridescents, thus letting the Bronze show through.

Then I measured out equal amounts of EnviroTex Lite hardener and resin.
(there is more than I need here for the project, but I was working on several things at once)

I mixed the resin and hardener together and stirred gently for 2 minutes,

I then poured the mixture into the first cup and stirred for another minute.

Then I poured enough resin to cover the recessed area.

I used a lighter to remove the air bubbles that came to the top.
I repeated this again after 15 minutes.

I let it dry for 24 hours and the results are stunning.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Resin Penny Tray

In September I shared a Resin Coffee Bean Tray that I created with EnviroTex Lite...I loved the concept of that tray so much that I am making more resin trays.  With the holidays coming up, I think these would make perfect gifts!

Today I am sharing with you a Resin Penny Tray.  This would make a great gift for a coin collector, don't you think?

Here's how I made it:

Wooden Serving Tray
Americana Satin, black tie
Brand new pennies

Tools: Cups, Stir Stick, Paint Brush, Sandpaper, butane lighter

Paint the entire tray inside and out and letting it dry.
 Measure equal amounts of resin and hardener, mix together for two minutes.
Pour mixture into new cup and mix for one minute.

Fill the bottom of the tray with the pennies,  I did not mind some showing heads and some tails:0)
Then pour the EnviroTex Lite over the pennies.
Use a lighter to remove any air bubbles that rise up, I did this every 15 minutes for an hour.

Mix some more EnviroTex Lite.

 Pour into the tray.  Use a lighter to remove any air bubbles, 
let dry 12 - 24  hours. 

The tray turned out perfect...