Friday, May 22, 2015

Mosaic Bench with EnviroTex Lite by Krist Parker

From the archives we bring you back this Awesome bench created by Designer Kristi Parker....

Click HERE for complete step by step directions on how Kristi created this bench using:

Dreamweaver Stencils
 Connie Crystal Sheets
Golden Paints
Art Glitter

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Monday, May 18, 2015

Chalky Finish Tray - Resin; the finishing touch

While decorating the guest suite of our new home I wanted to add painted items to make the room pretty.  I found this great tray and knew it would be perfect on the newly painted chalky finish dresser.  It could also double to bring breakfast to our special guests. I knew that resin would be the finishing touch.
Roberta Birnbaum chalky finish resin tray
I painted my tray with chalk paint
You go to all the trouble of painting something and making it beautiful, but often you need to take just one more step to ensure that the piece will be protected.

 Roberta Birnbaum chalky finish resin tray

Roberta Birnbaum chalky finish resin tray

I painted the details using a DecoArt stencil  and a rubber stamp in the shape of a rose.
Roberta Birnbaum chalky finish resin tray

You can see the glossy sheen of the resin. Not only did it make the surface shiny and look like lacquer, but it is protected from damage and spills.  I used EnviroTex Lite®

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Roberta Birnbaum

Thursday, May 14, 2015

14 Resin Jewelry Projects

Stampendous had a blog hop a couple weeks ago featuring  ETI Jewelry Resin, Kik Snap Bezel Blanks and Stampendous products.  Pictured below are the wonderful jewelry pieces the Stampendous team created along with links under the photos so that you can easily check out the complete instructions on how they created each piece....Enjoy!

By now you should be inspired to create your own jewelry pieces with resin....

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Friday, May 8, 2015

Resin Mixed Media Canvas

Who knew that resin was so versatile? I didn't. Until I started working with resin and related products I only thought resin was good for coating home d├ęcor items and furniture. Shows you how much I knew.

Roberta Birnbaum mixed media resin canvas

Happily I continue to discover all that resin has to offer and today I would like to share a resin mixed-media canvas I created with EnviroTex Lite®.

ETI Wish Resin canvas Roberta Birnbaum

  1. Mix 10 cc of Envirotex Lite® according to manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Apply a thin layer of mixed resin to the canvas.
  3. Into a clean mixing cup, pour some of this resin and add a drop or two of  red. Repeat this for each color you will be using.
  4. Using a stir stick start to drop colors onto the wet resin canvas.  This will be like a 'wet on wet' technique.
  5. Experiment dropping one color into another.
  6. I put a small amount of red into yellow to create a pretty orange blend.  Half the fun is seeing how the resin and dyes will interact with each other.
ETI Wish Resin canvas Roberta Birnbaum
While wet, gently drop your embellishments onto the canvas. You may want to use tweezers to help you accurately place your items.
    *WATCH how the metal reacts with the resin: IT IS SO COOL!  (It creates a halo effect).

    ETI Wish Resin canvas Roberta Birnbaum

    Leave your canvas to dry in a warm and dust-free spot. The best way to ensure keeping dust off your resin is to place some kind of cover, lid, or bowl over your work while it dries.  Everything will harden and all pieces you added will be secure.

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    Roberta Birnbaum ETI

    Wednesday, May 6, 2015

    Resin Steampunk Doll

    Hello my dear crafty friends!
    Irit is here and I welcome  you to my new ETI post.
    Today I am going to share the easy and fun way to make your resin lovely Steampunk doll. Actually my doll is a King of  Steampunkland and was even sits on his throne, as you can see.

    Here  is the product list:
    Metal pieces- from here and there and some Tim Holtz
    Micro beads- Martha Stewart
    Chipboard- Creative Embellishments
    Clear embossing ink
    Embossing powder- WOW! Embossing Powders
    Face mold
    Copper wire

    Easy steps to make this project:

    1.Spray Mold Release Conditioner over the big and small molds; let them dry and repeat the procedure. This step is very important as releasing your casted pieces from this kind of mold can be mission impossible without this Release Conditioner.
     Mix a  total of 4 Oz (2+2) from Easy Cast Resin and mix it according to manufacturer's instructions.  Add a couple of drops of Amber pigment to your mixed liquid resin  and mix it for a few seconds.  Put a few small metal pieces inside the molds and add  resin over.  Sprinkle a few copper micro beads on the top of your filled mold. Let them dry for at least 24 hours.  The more- the better.

    2. Release the shapes from the molds and trim the backside with a sharp knife if needed.  (Sometimes we have those small leftovers and we need to sand a piece from the back)

    3. Now for the fun part: make your art doll with all casted pieces and much more.
    First I heat embossed the background chipboard with glitter teal embossing powder. Then I glued the doll body over the chipboard with jewelry glue.  All outer metal pieces were colored with alcohol ink to get this copper look (most of them were in silver).  I made the face using ETI Jewelry Clay and a  faces mold, then I painted it (when it was totally dry) with blue alcohol ink.  I then made a couple of copper wire spirals and glued all metal pieces over the resin body.

    Look how cute he is!  He is sure a King!
    Should I make his Queen? Maybe I will when find more metal trinkets to use.

    Monday, May 4, 2015

    Bee Happy Resin Card

    Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here again and it's time to bee happy!!!  The sun is finally shining and the birds and bees are coming out of hibernation.

    I've used a flexible mold from my stash to create a variety of resin items.  Using Envirotex Jewelry Resin , I filled several of the molds with the resin, then added 2 drops of Amber Translucent Dye to the remaining resin, quickly mixed it, and filled the rest of the molds.

    I particularly love the bee.  You can see all the details!

    I painted some Berry Iridescents from Earth Safe Finishes on top of the bee, allowing some of the colored resin to show.  I then added a honeycomb die to cardstock with gesso and placed the bee in the upper corner.

    The card was created from black cardstock.  The brick paper  was matted with red cardstock and ribbon was tied around the panel before adhering it to the card.  The bee panel was added on top with foam adhesives for dimension.

    Stickers were added to spell "bee happy" between the honeycombs.

    I see so many possibilities for using resin elements in my future card making projects.

    What will you create today?

    Thursday, April 30, 2015

    EasySculpt Resin Clay Faux Raku Vase

    EasySculpt® Epoxy Molding Clay is one of the newest products in the ETI line and it has so many wonderful possibilities.  It is self hardening and cures without firing.  It is easy to mix, mold and shape into whatever you can imagine.

    Here is a  Faux Raku Vase I created using the EasySculpt® Epoxy Molding Clay.

    Here is how:

    I bought a glass vase, although you could use terra cotta, wood or plastic and have great results too.
    Mix the EasySculpt® Epoxy Molding Clay according to manufacturer's instructions.

    I rolled the clay with a rolling pin into thin sheets, tore it and applied it directly to the vase in small sections, lifting bits of it in areas...

    Until it was completely covered....I sprayed a bit of of the Castin Craft Mold Release/Conditioner on my hands to help with this process.  

    I then painted the entire vase black and applied Iridescent Powders on top and let it dry.
    (Note: you could use the powders right on top of the EasySculpt® Epoxy Molding Clay if desired...
    I prefer having the painted black as a base because it makes the powders have more depth).

     I love the final result!